10 Must-Have Tools For Online Entrepreneurs

10 Must-Have Tools For Online Entrepreneurs

Your business is only as effective as the tools you use.


From project management to client care, you need affordable tools that are easy to use just to get everything done. But with so many new tools out there, it can be difficult to find the one that works perfect for you and your business goals.

That’s why I want to take you behind-the-scenes and share with you the 10 Tools we use at The Legacy Tribe that will make your life (and business) 10x faster, simpler, and less overwhelming

1. Project & Client Management: Monday.com

Monday.com is a comprehensive project management platform for online entrepreneurs that makes it super easy to update clients or staff on individual tasks and quickly see the progress of your projects.

How We Use It:


  • Content Management: We plan our content 3 months in advance, which helps us film, edit, write, and produce our blogs and videos in batches. Our creative producer lays out the strategy in our “Content Calendar” board, where we can monitor progress, review, and approve each individual piece of content.

  • Client Management: With our Executive Clients (clients who pay $60,000+), we create individual boards where they can log in and monitor the progress we’re making on their projects. This makes it really easy for them to visualize the work we’re doing, review strategies and approve campaigns.

  • Staff Management: Monday is our “Master-To-Do-List”. Each staff member in our company has their own section in our “Company-Wide” board. This allows everyone to see what other’s are working, give input, review projects, and access files quickly and easily.

2. Payment Processing: Stripe

Stripe is an online payment processing platform for internet businesses. Stripe can handle invoices, subscriptions, and provides an array of data that’s easy to understand so you always know where your business financials stand.

How We Use It:


  • Invoicing: We send invoices & collect payments straight from inside stripe. We also charge cards on file or update cards when necessary.

  • Payment Plans: We use stripes subscription plans to create monthly payments for clients that need an easier way to say get started with any of our programs.

  • Payment Management: Whenever a payment that doesn’t go through or a card that gets declined, we get a notification on one of our “Slack Channels” (another software mentioned below) that helps us follow up with clients and get paid on time.

  • Analytics & Reporting: We use stripe to analyze our daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial growth and health as a company. Every day, I personally check stripe. Every month, I get a report from our bookkeeper, and every quarter we use this data to help us make decisions about the next 3 months.

3. Funnel Builder: Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels allows you to quickly create sales funnels that convert visitors into leads and customers. It’s easy to use with it’s drag and drop interface, provides great analytic reports, and has lots of supportive material so you can always find the answer to your questions. It also easily integrates with other programs we use, like Stripe, ActiveCampaign, and Slack.

How We Use It:


  • Courses: We use Clickfunnels to create pages that host our training programs (like the Get Clients Challenge).

  • Membership Areas: With our 12-month mastermind Clients With Purpose, we have over hundreds of training videos and downloadable resources, and Clickfunnels’ membership feature allows us to make all of this easy to find for all of our clients.

  • Funnel Building: We use Clickfunnels’ easy to use funnel builder to create landing pages, sales pages, and order pages to create leads, customers, and clients.

4. Company Communication: Slack

Slack is a collaboration platform that replaces email chains, miscommunication, and out of the loop staff. It’s easy to send messages, files, and information to your entire company, contractors, or employees. You can create specific channels for specific topics or departments, and you can set it up to notify you every time something happens (like someone setting an appointment, opting in to a funnel or making a purchase.

How We Use It:


  • Internal Communication: We prefer to have company-wide conversations, even if the topic is only relevant to specific people. We can always send a private message, but this way, everyone knows what’s happening, why it’s important, and small details that could get lost in the shuffle.

  • Notifications: We use “Zapier” (another software we use mentioned below) to send notifications anytime someone opts-in, or makes a purchase. We also have it set up so we get notified every time a payment comes through Stripe, which allows us to celebrate getting paid! It’s always fun when we have a day where lots of payments come through.

5. Content Creation: Adobe Creative Suit

Adobe Creative Cloud is a monthly subscription to a collection of professional creative applications (like photoshop, illustrator, and premiere pro…) that allow you to create graphics, edit videos, design animations, edit photography, and even sign documents.

How We Use It:


  • High-End Graphic Design: Although you can use a free program like Canva.com to create quick and easy designs, it’s still has it’s limits. We use photoshop anytime we want to create a high-quality graphic.

  • Video Editing & Animation: We put a lot of emphasis on creating quality content that’s “pleasing to the eye.” From creating animations with After Effects to editing our footage with Premiere Pro, we’re able to produce high-quality training videos and content for you (and the rest of our audience.) Check out our youtube channel to watch our most recent training!

  • Quick Document Signing: We use Adobe Acrobat to edit or sign PDF’s quickly and easily.

  • Audio Editing: We use Adobe Audition to edit the audio for The Heck Yes! Podcast so it sounds smooth and enjoyable every time you press play.

6. Appointment Scheduling: Calendly

Calendly is a scheduling platform that lets you end the “back and forth” between yourself and others. It saves you from getting double booked, handles reminder emails & texts as well as call logistics (whose calling who, and is it a phone or video call?) and allows you to create multiple types of appointment calendars.

How We Use It:


  • Setting Appointments: We give our clients access to a specific calendar for different kinds of appointments, from 90-minute on-boarding sessions to 60 minute coaching calls. We also have 30 minute chat and 45 minute podcast calendars.

  • Sending Reminders: The worst feeling is when you’ve prepared for a call and the other person is a no-show. So we set up our calendar to send 3 reminder emails and 1 text reminder for every call that gets booked. My time is valuable and so is yours, so it helps everyone show up on time.

7. Email Marketing: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a email marketing, email automation, and CRM platform that helps growing businesses communicate to their audience.

How We Use It:


  • Send Broadcasts: We send weekly announcements to let our audience know about our new content, new promotions, and new opportunities.

  • Set Up Automations: Anytime someone joins our community, takes the Get Clients challenge, or downloads a resource, we’ve set up automatic emails that builds the relationship between us and our audience.

8. Storage & Document Creation: Google Drive

Google Drive is a platform you can easily use with any gmail account. It allows you to back up files, send large files to others, access documents from any device, and create documents, excel sheets, powerpoints, forms/surveys, and so much more.

How We Use It:


  • File Creation: We use Google Docs and Google Sheets to create files important to our business, like SOP’s (standard operating procedures) to data reports regarding finances, conversion rates, and other important analytics.

  • File Organization & Accessibility: As you can see in the photo above, we have designated folders that hold files for every aspect of our business. This makes it easy to find specific files and be able to access from anywhere and by anyone on the team.

  • Forms: We use Google Forms to create applications to our programs, client surveys, and market research.

9. Conference Video Calls: Zoom

Zoom is a video communication platform that allows you to host and record conference calls with multiple people, collaborate by sharing screens, and host webinars and chats. It’s easy to use on both desktop and mobile devices.

How We Use It:


  • Weekly Staff Meetings: We have team members from all across the U.S. and so every week, we have a connect call to discuss the weeks goals and projects, as well as review data from our previous weeks goals.

  • Coaching Calls: Twice month, members of our Clients With Purpose mastermind hop on a group coaching call led by one of our legacy coaches and it’s easy to schedule these in advance using zoom’s “scheduling” feature. We also integrate zoom with Calendly, so anytime a client schedules a 1-1 session, they automatically receive a unique zoom link for our coaching session.

  • Coaching Replays: Every zoom call gets recorded in their Cloud database, which allows us to send links with replays to our clients, so they can rewatch our sessions over and over again.

  • Webinars: Every once in a while, we’ll host a webinar or a masterclass for everyone to join in, and we use Zoom’s “Webinar” feature to make these sessions smooth and easy for everyone to join.

10. Automation & Integrations: Zapier

Zapier helps your business tools work better together. Think of Zapier as the glue that connects two apps together that normally wouldn’t integrate. For example, you can set up a “Zap” to connect Slack with Stripe, so anytime a purchase gets made in Stripe, it sends a notification in Slack.

How We Use It:


  • Automate Coaching Replay Emails: We have a zap set up to automatically send coaching replays to clients without having to do it manually.

  • Automate Facebook Group Emails: We have a zap set up to automatically send a welcome email to new members of our facebook group minutes after they join.

  • Automate Customer Support Emails: We have a zap set up to automatically send a satisfaction email survey to clients anytime we finish a customer support or customer satisfaction call with them.

  • Notifications: As mentioned above, we have zaps set up to notify us of key activity (like opt-ins, purchases, credit card declines, etc) so we can keep an eye on the “heart-beat” of our business.


As long as the tool gets the job done, it doesn’t really matter what software or platform you use. These are our recommended tools because we use them and they do what we need them to do. At the end of the day, don’t allow a toolset to become a source of procrastination or frustration.

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