Stop Being Afraid Of Prosperity

Stop Being Afraid Of Prosperity

A recent study showed the human brain reacts to cash the same ways it reacts to drugs. (Researchers discovered that brain scans of people who were about to win money were identical to those of drug addicts high on cocaine.)


One of the researchers even proclaimed: “This study has helped us understand that nothing has an effect on people like money – not naked bodies, not corpses, and in some cases, not even drugs… Money can be used as a substitute for love and can even make you feel stronger.” 


With this insight, it would be easy to call money evil, and be done with it… And yet, this is only half the story. The research mostly explored the impact money had on those who don’t have much of it


Another significant study explored the psychological differences between the wealthy and those without, and discovered that wealthy individuals exhibited significantly greater levels of internal control around money (in other words, money didn’t effect wealthy individuals like it did to those without).


In today’s blog, I want to help you uncover all the ways an unhealthy relationship with money could be hurting your ability to build a meaningful (and profitable) business…

Video Recap & Action Items:

The Worst Question To Ask...

I remember going to this birthday party when I was around 11 years old and I remember my older cousin telling everyone he had gotten a brand new job.


And this cousin was one of those people I looked up to as a kid, so I was excited for him. And out of no where, I remember blurting out: “So how much money are you making now?”


And immediately, I got the death stare from a few of my aunts and uncles…


“Shawn – never talk about money. You never want to ask someone how much money they make. It’s not like we’re rich or anything. We’re not. And if we were, then that would mean we’d be selfish, and greedy, and ungodly.


And so I grew up believing that money was evil.


  • If I had too much of it, I was wrong.

  • If I wanted more of it, I was bad.


But then the bills came up.

And I wanted to get married.

And I needed a new car.


And I wanted to support my church. And I wanted to be a part of the restoration of my local community. But it all required… money.


Of course, I gave my time and my energy, but I also wanted to write that big $10,000 check and hand it to the pastor and say: “fund that missionary, give to that children’s orphanage, let’s expand the outreach!”


I wanted to expand the front lines of ministry, but I couldn’t because “money was evil.”


I see this a lot actually with entrepreneurs, specifically Christian entrepreneurs, kingdom entrepreneurs, people who love God, and know they’ve been called to go into the marketplace and change the industry that they’re in.

"I just want to get by and survive..."

Have you ever said this: I don’t want to make 1 million bucks or anything. I just want to be comfortable… I just want to get by and survive.


Did you know that’s not a godly answer? It’s a poverty answer. It’s an answer based off of ignorance. It’s an answer that thinks the Bible says money is evil…


You know what the Bible actually says? The LOVE of money is evil, which means…


If you’re trying to find freedom and joy and happiness and peace from money, it will never be enough. You’ll never have enough. It’ll never work out for you.


So don’t love money. Love God. God is the source of our freedom. God is the source of our salvation. He’s the source of our joy and our peace and our happiness. He is the one who loves us unconditionally and can provide everything we need.


Money is a great servant and a horrible master, so use money as a tool.


What’s really frustrating is to see really powerful believers shrink back, crippled by insecurity and fear and doubt and anxiety whenever the money talk comes up.


Maybe that’s you… you’re afraid that if you make a whole lot of money, then you’re going to become greedy and selfish and evil.


Listen, you’re a child of God. Whether you got a lot of money or a little money, you’re still a child of God. Money does not change you. Money reveals you.


Which means if you’re greedy now, whether you got 10 bucks or 10 million bucks, you’re always going to be greedy. But if you’re a child of God and God has changed you and now you are generous, you love giving, you love being a part of ministry, whether you got $10 or $10 million, that’s going to be the same.


Don’t allow your decisions when it comes to money to be driven by fear. Let it be driven by faith. Let it be driven by your love for what God is doing on this planet.


If you know you’ve been called by God to start a business, start a business. If you know you’ve been called by God to be an entrepreneur, go be an entrepreneur. Stop being afraid of money and stop allowing that fear to cripple you and to stop you from doing everything God has called you to do.

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after,

they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

1 Timothy 6:10

But remember the Lord your God,

for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth,

and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today.

Deuteronomy 8:18

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