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During the next 5-days you can land Your Next High-Paying, High-Achieving Client. I’ll take you by the hand and help you through the details, strategy, and implementation required to create your next high-paying client.

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Clients With Purpose

Have clients but still get uncomfortable with the “money-talk”? Get 12 weeks of high-touch, high-flame group coaching with ShawnQ as he guides you through “The Money Game” and turns difficult sales conversations into conversations you eagerly look forward to!

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Experience high-flame coaching, do the deep inner work, and create the life you’ve been called to live. Work directly with ShawnQ for 12 months. And watch your business explode. (NOTE: ShawnQ only takes 3 one-on-one clients a year. Apply today and receive a complimentary 2-hour coaching session when doors open to determine whether or not you and he would be a good fit.)

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