How To Build Relationships In Business: Where Do I Start?

"How To Build Relationships In Business- Where Do I Start?

Want to grow your business? Start building new relationships.


There are so many advertisers tickling your ear with “Build a million dollar business without stepping outside of your computer!”


But if you’re a coach, consultant, or service provider, conversations are absolutely vital to your businesses success. Which means confidently meeting new people, talking to strangers, and expanding your network. (Scary I know!)


“But I’m an… introvert…


You’re right. You’re an introvert. You should totally allow that to limit your opportunities and allow fear and insecurity to hold you back from becoming the entrepreneur you’re called to be. (Can you hear the sarcasm?)


Here’s the truth: You are incredible at what you do and the world needs to know.


But if the thought of building new relationships DOES seem daunting (or even crippling), then in today’s video, I want to show you 3 confidence-boosting tips to having smooth, strong conversations…

Here is a recap of what you just learned:

Tip #1: Go Where You Have To Meet Someone New

It’s easy to feel busy when you’re behind a computer. But the real question is: are you doing the right things that will grow your business and move the needle forward? In our Get Clients challenge, I share how “confident conversations”  is one of the major secret keys to business growth.


Which means, posting on social, tinkering with your website, designing a new logo – although none of these are bad – they are unlikely to be the thing that scales your business.


I know when you started your business, the dream was to stay in your PJ’s and work from your home. (Trust me, I still do this!) But if you’re finding it difficult meeting new people, it’s going to require that you… ::gasp::  talk to people. Don’t worry, this will be good for your business (and your soul!)


This could be a video call with someone you met online, or it could be getting out of the house and going to a networking meeting, or a workshop/conference.


ACTION ITEM: Go to one networking meeting this week. Look up local business conferences in your area. Hop on a video call with someone you know from a facebook group. In other words: get into conversation! Who knows, you might meet your next business bestie, collaborator, business partner, or even client!

“Two people are better off than one,

for they can help each other succeed.

If one person falls,

the other can reach out and help.

But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.”

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Tip #2: Introduce Yourself As A Person (...Not A Title)

Entrepreneurs are notorious for thinking people care about their title. The next time you go to a networking meeting or conference, watch how people introduce themselves.


“Hi, I’m Robert, and I’m the Founder of Acme Company, and we specialize in helping you (insert long-boring-paragraph…)”


Guess what: before you’re a coach, consultant, entrepreneur, leader, service provider… you’re a human. And the person you’re meeting is a human, too. And all they really care about, at this moment, is whether or not you’re someone they like and can trust.


Which is good news! Because now you can just be yourself. So instead of introducing yourself with some long paragraph, introduce yourself like most toddlers when they meet someone new (From the mouth of babes, right?!)…


“Hi, I’m Shawn. What’s your name?”


Simply put: be a friend before anything else. Friendship is always a winning strategy.

Tip #3: Ask Questions (Instead Of Being A Know-It-All...)

Have you ever noticed people LOVE talking about themselves. One of the best ways to build a relationship and have an active conversation is allow someone else to share about themselves.


Ask them questions like…


  • “What do you love about what you do?”

  • “What’s your next BIG idea that you can’t wait to get out into the world?”

  • What are you working on right now that’s making you really excited?


And then… (This is key): be genuinely interested! 


Be present. People can tell when you don’t care, or aren’t listening. So lean in, and really learn something about them.

BONUS TIP: Nurture Existing Relationships


Whether it’s a quick text asking how someone is doing, or a video message to encourage them in their own journey, it’s important that you care for the relationships that you do have right now.


Every week, I try and send at least 5 “” videos to friends, family members, past clients, current clients, my staff, and anyone I’ve recently met just to let them know I care.


And there has been a direct correlation in the growth of customer happiness and loyalty from these videos. When you sow into people, you will be able to reap the benefits of those relationships for a very long time.

You don’t need to know everyone. You just need to meet one person. Then another. Then another. Relationship are a key part of being an entrepreneur. You’ll  be surprised how much one new relationship can open up so many new opportunities.

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