How To Build A "Heck Yes" Business!

How To Build A "Heck Yes" Business!

Pillar #1: Everyday Ask Yourself, "What's next? And What's possible?"

It’s easy to get distracted by yesterday’s success, but what you did yesterday isn’t nearly as important as what you plan on doing today. Your job as a business leader & entrepreneur is to constantly measure your performance against your potential.


Yes – celebrate past achievements, but don’t allow your past successes to distract you from your next one. Be aware of the destructive habits comfort can have on your business if you allow it to hold you back from taking an uncomfortable risk.


By starting your day with these two questions – What’s next? What’s possible? – you’ll begin to develop a mindset that allows you to think in broader, future-oriented terms, and not get distracted by what happened yesterday.

Pillar #2: Recognize That Your Clients Are Your Superheros

In the One Client Away challenge, I discuss the power of having “Non-Negotiable’s” – a set of statements that help you explore whether or not a prospect would be a “dream client.”


  • If your clients don’t inspire you to show up as your best self

  • If their vision doesn’t make you enthusiastic to work with them

  • If their world-class idea isn’t met with a world-class work ethic


It may be best to NOT take them on as clients…


In a “Heck Yes!” business, you must recognize that your clients are the most important part of your business, and anyone who trusts you to solve a problem in exchange for their hard-earned money should only get our very best. In our company, we believe our clients wear capes, and we help them fly…

Pillar #3: Live A Life Of Extraordinary Service

I have a quote burned into my brain from when I was younger. My friend was playing the piano at an event and when she finished, someone from the audience whispered (rather loudly)… “oh… that’s it?”


(A little backstory – she was never supposed to play the piano. Another performer backed out last minute, and she was thrown on stage to come up with something on the spot.)


Either way – it was that moment we both realized… we never wanted to have an “Oh – that’s it?” moment ever again. Instead, we want to over-deliver. We want to “Wow!” We want those we have the honor of working with to never forget their time with us.


In a “Heck Yes!” business, you must be unwilling to settle for mediocrity. You must passionately pursue the mastery of your craft, skill, and leadership, and recognize that the work you do today will create a ripple effect that will impact the world in ways you can’t even imagine.

Pillar #4: Grand Vision, Grander Execution

Without a million dollar work-ethic, your million dollar idea ain’t going nowhere. Now, I want to clarify: I don’t believe in grinding or sacrificing your life away, but I do believe in the power of disciplined and consistent work.


You can have all the strategy in the world, but if you’re not implementing that strategy, putting it out into the real world, testing, pivoting, and shifting, your strategy is worthless. (Harsh! I know!) Yes, sometimes, entrepreneurship is hard. But that doesn’t mean you give up, stall, or quit. It simply means you get up and you get to work.

#5 Powerful Questions, and Passionate Answers

Leaders are known by the questions they ask. It’s not your job to provide all the answers, but it is your job to create a space to explore the right questions. Whether that’s with yourself, your team, or your clients, the right question can unlock incredible passion that can turn into action.


Here is a list of my favorite questions:


  • How might I contribute to the world today?

  • What story am I telling myself right now about my current circumstances?

  • What am I currently procrastinating on that could move the needle for my business?

  • How might I enjoy this process even more?

  • How might we create a company that gets recognized as the greatest place to work?


By building questions into your day, you’ll begin to broaden the way you see your world and recognize all the opportunities around you.

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