WARNING: This article is filled with a very personal part of my past…


Too many people believe the wrong things when it comes to money.


Have you heard these before, too?


…Christians shouldn’t be allowed to make a bunch of money… it’ll make them prideful.


…Christians shouldn’t be wealthy, and if they are, they’re definitely not going to Heaven.


…Money is the root of all evil, and if you have too much of it, you’re not a “real” Christian. (Because real Christians are supposed to struggle at the end of each month? #CanYouHearMySarcasm?)


For some reason, we’ve been told by leaders that we should…


  • Just do it unto the Lord like a good Christian;

  • You shouldn’t charge so much, you’re not supposed to be rich anyway;


Being good at sales means being really dishonest, deceiving and sleazy… you don’t want to be that, now do you?


And I used to believe some of these, too. That is, until I picked up my Bible, read it and realized that money wasn’t actually evil. I think Errol Lawson summed it up really well when he said…


“Money can be a great servant or a terrible master.”


Did you know that there are over 2,000+ Scriptures in the Bible that focus on money, generosity, wealth and stewardship – which is more Scriptures than those covering salvation, hell, and faith put together!


I’ve coached hundreds of Christian Entrepreneurs who have no idea what the Word actually says…


  • They feel guilty for wanting more money

  • They feel sleazy for trying to get it

  • They feel icky believing they’re in sin


Maybe that’s you. Maybe you’re sitting on your couch and thinking “I just want to start a small business and get by… I don’t want to be a millionaire or anything…”


Every day, I talk to Christians who are stressed out of their minds because of the stacks of debt and unpaid bills and struggle to make ends meet every month. These are the same Christians who serve a God whose Kingdom streets are paved with gold and whose entrance gates are made of pearls.


“I just want to get by” isn’t a godly answer. It’s a poverty-answer.


Financial freedom and having control over your money takes the stress out of your life and allows you to live a greater life of generosity.


And it’s what God wants. Here’s the truth:


Salvation has nothing to do with money. You can make a LOT of money & still go to Heaven. You can also barely get by and still go to Heaven.


When money serves you, and you recognize the authority you have over “mammon”, you gain the power to live a supernatural life that’s not limited by your finances.


This is personal for me. Why? Because I was…


  • 8 when my parents divorced

  • 13 when I wrote a suicide letter and gave my wrists their first scars

  • 14 when I committed my life to Christ

  • 15 when God spoke to me about my future for the first time, and I started my first business


In high school, I was the kid with the smelly hair who sat alone at a bench during lunch. I was so insecure and afraid of making friends because of the bullying I experienced every day.


I constantly felt a sense of hopelessness in the pit of my stomach, believing that I wouldn’t amount to anything in my life outside a job at a fast food restaurant.


I struggled with a paralyzing depression that held me back from reaching out or speaking up. I was called names and pushed against fences and struggled with feelings of unforgiveness towards the people that had hurt me the most.


I found myself living an impulsive, reactionary life filled with bad habits and routines that kept me stuck behind a spiritual wall and always felt limited with how close I felt to God.


I attended and volunteered in church, but there was also an undying belief that I wasn’t worth God’s time.


It wasn’t until I attended a youth retreat when I was 18 that I decided enough was enough, and I took a stand for my future and the futures of those around me.


It was then I realized that I didn’t have IN me what God wanted OF me, and that I would always be STUCK if I was going to try to overcome these obstacles on my own.


You will always be stuck if you try and overcome your greatest obstacles by yourself…


In other words, I needed God to work in me, before He could work through me. Which meant that I had to open up to people that would love, support and encourage me, both at church and at home.


I began to reach out and build relationships with people who were living the kind of life I wanted to live, and who knew what God had to say on matters like addiction, depression, and healing. I knew these kinds of people would mentor me toward success.


I recognized that I needed to be in church as much as possible so I could…


  • hear from God and learn what the Word really said about my life;

  • and be firmly planted in a healthy community filled with godly people.


This meant being vulnerable and transparent as I dove into my deepest wounds (even though I was afraid of getting rejected) and gained the courage to discuss my wildest dreams (like running a successful business and one day making millions of dollars).


I started asking myself some tough questions, including:


  • “Do I like who I’m becoming?”

  • “Am I living the life I was meant to live?”

  • “And if not, what am I doing about it?”


I prayed, fasted and asked God to “use me” like He used the great people mentioned in the Bible.


And one day, He answered that prayer.


As I was praying, “God, here am I! Use me!” He put in my mind the face and name of a friend in my heart who was having a hard time raising money for a missions trip to another country.


I heard Him saying to me, ““You want me to use you? Okay. Give her $3,500 so she can go preach My name.”


At first, I was like, “Uhh… Have you seen my bank account?”


And of course, God’s response was, “Uhh… have you seen Mine? I am the King of Kings. My account is limitless. You asked Me to use you, now go do what I have asked you to do.”


And then He gave me a choice.


I could either sit back, and say, “There’s no way I could do that” which would mean giving up my chance to be used by God in this situation, or I could get on my feet and figure out a way to get my friend to the mission field.


I decided to step out in faith and trust that God would provide.


I didn’t have $3,500 to just hand over. But that wasn’t going to stop me from being obedient to Christ, which meant I had to get to work.


I called my friend, told her that I would do everything I could to support her and I helped her host fundraising events, sent traffic to her donation website, and together with God’s help and many donors, we raised over $5,000 in 3 months.


Was any of this easy? Absolutely not.


People were skeptical about whether or not we could do it. I wanted to quit and give up the night before a big fundraising event. And I experienced a whole lot of stress I could have lived without.


But it was in these “uphill battles” where I realized that I needed to learn how to earn more, and be strategic about how I spent my time.


It was in confronting these challenges that I got clear about my calling:


To live a life of courageous generosity by investing in people, churches and ministries, and to coach entrepreneurs to do the same.


It was then that God told me that I was an entrepreneur on purpose and with purpose, and that I had been equipped to do all that He had called me to do.

He showed me that Christian Entrepreneurs are specifically anointed with a drive to do life-changing work and that He had intentionally designed us to think in terms of strategy, leadership and profit.


For You have girded me with strength for battle;


You have subdued under me those
who rose up against me. (Psalms 18:39)


I discovered that my drive was deeper than just making money. There was a war taking place between the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of Light over the souls of my friends and family, and I had a role to play. He wanted me to:


  • Use my gifts in the marketplace to serve people and produce wealth. (Gal 6:4-5 MSG)

  • Steward my wealth through the lenses of generosity, legacy and impact. (Deut. 8:18)

  • Fund “front line ministry” in the war for souls (Gen. 12:2)


In other words, when God asked of me things like:


  • Give that woman $10,000 to build a school in South Brazil.

  • Give that missionary $3,000 to keep his church running in West Africa.

  • Give this church a blank check and fund their work for the next year.


I needed to be in a position where I could obey. I began to imagine myself…


  • easily writing a $10,000 check to a church so they could expand their homeless outreach…

  • sponsoring an entire team to aid in restoring a city ravaged by a tsunami…

  • traveling to Zimbabwe and digging 3 wells that provided clean water for generations…


And that got me excited.


Because it meant that living in poverty didn’t also mean living in humility and that great prosperity didn’t mean great pride. Wanting more money wasn’t the issue at all!


I discovered that God even encouraged profitable work and that many “great names” in the Bible had their lot of wealth and influence and could live very generous lives.


  • Abraham

  • Solomon

  • David

  • Isaac

  • Joseph of Arimathea

  • Jehosaphat


I started to understand that if I was struggling to keep my electricity on, my focus could never grow beyond that electricity bill, and that I needed to create a business that would leverage my time better.


As I read the Word, it became clear to me:


  • Money was a tool to be used. It could never give me the kind of freedom I deeply craved: only God could do that. (Proverbs 21:20)

  • Having a highly-profitable business would give me a platform where I could live a life of increased impact and courageous generosity. (1 Chronicles 29:2 – 16)

  • If I was going to be used by God, then I needed to make sure I was connected to God, which meant I had to take my prayer life seriously. (Hebrews 10:22)

  • I couldn’t say I trusted God but continue to make decisions driven by my feelings. I had to discipline my daily routine, get to work and do every task God would ask of me, even those that made me uncomfortable. (Deuteronomy 11:1)


Since then, not only have I been able to build a successful digital marketing business with clients ranging from political candidates, international singers, top 10 mega churches, and multi-million dollars companies, but my wife and I were also able to pay off $20,000 worth of bad debt (student loans, credit cards and overdue bills) and have money in the bank!


Have I made it?


No, but I’m closer than I’ve ever been, and I’m not stopping now.


God doesn’t want half-hearted believers. He wants believers who are ready to take action.


No matter what your “uphill battles” look like, there’s one name that rises above every giant, and that name is Jesus.


– Insecurity
– Fear of failure
– A past that won’t let go
– Thoughts that taunt you
– Mountains of debt
– Lack of skill
– Lack of confidence
– Perfectionism
– Anxiety


… None of these hold anything to His name.


As you begin to confront your challenges, and climb the mountains in front of you, you will reach your mountain top and begin to create the impact you’ve always dreamed of.


I fully believe it – no doubt in my mind, whatsoever.


You may not be good enough, smart enough or experienced enough, and I can so relate. But the God living inside of you doesn’t operate based on your feelings. It’s through His grace, favor and anointing that you become qualified to do what He’s called you to accomplish.


Is it going to be hard? At times, yes.


Will you want to quit? At times, yes.


Can you do this? With God Almighty, absolutely.


As my pastor puts it…


“When you put in the natural and God puts in the super,
you will have supernatural results in everything you do!”


And as Samuel Leeds, founding director of the largest christian network in England, puts it: “Do the possible, watch God do the impossible.”


I’m so sick and tired of watching powerful Christians shrink back to goop whenever there’s “money-talk.”


We need to learn how to have these conversations with confidence so that we can tackle our financial challenges head-on and set ourselves up for success.


So, guess what? On this blog, and in all our products & courses & resources, we’re going to talk about money, in confidence and with victory.


Why? Because your future depends on it.


You can shrink back and say this is too much to handle. You can consistently feel judgement, shame, anxiety and insecurity when it comes to your finances.


Or you can step up and boldly declare freedom, victory and courage over the resources God has entrusted you to steward, and get complete control over your money habits – for good – with the grace of God.


If God is calling you out into entrepreneurship, then…


You are an entrepreneur on purpose and with purpose and have been called to be the best of the best, showcasing God’s glory in the marketplace, in your home, and in your church.

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