Helping you create more profit, impact,

& legacy one client at a time…

 You Don’t Need 100 Clients. You Just Need 1.

 One $10,000/Mo Client Is A 6-Figure Business.


We’re passionate about helping you create a high-ticket offer that people actually want to buy… And we bring together the best system and solutions to help you get there.

“Our #1 priority is finding the best solutions so you can confidently land high-paying clients, again and again, and build a legacy for yourself and your family…”

-ShawnQ, Founder of The Legacy Tribe

At The Legacy Tribe, sales and integrity go hand in hand.


The “Heck Yes!” method is designed to help you serve powerfully, sell confidently, and maximize your god-given potential as an entrepreneur.

But beyond our ability to “toot our own horn” – there’s something deeper taking place in the lives of our clients…

Who We Work With

Coaches, Consultants, Service Providers


In our time learning about and supporting exceptional leaders, we’ve learned that while you and your business are unique, your challenges aren’t.


Whether you’re new to the entrepreneurial space or you’ve been playing the game for a while… I know 3 things to be true…

  • You’re likely spending your limited time on all the wrong things.

  • If your program, service, or offer isn’t something people are able and willing to pay for, you’ll never generate a consistent cash flow.

  • If you’re not confidently saying your price, clients won’t be confident paying your price.

Boiled down, this simply means, without the right roadmap, offer, and sales strategy, you’re doomed for failure.


And… I’ve been there…

ShawnQ here…


And I know what it feels like to be in over your head – to feel like you’re sinking from all the responsibilities of running your own business without a support boat.


It all changed for me when I discovered that it wasn’t about…

  • Posting on social media

  • Getting fans and followers to like my “valuable content”

  • Building an email list

  • Live-streaming as often as I could

  • Creating a Facebook group

  • Publishing a blog, vlog, or newsletter

It was about solving a real problem for actual people and getting paid for it…


Learn To Ethically and Persuasively

Communicate The Value You Bring To The Table…


Since then, I’ve personally landed clients that range anywhere from $5,000/hr to $15,000/mo+…

And I am now on a mission to replicate these results in your life. Just like…

    • Tamara Jackson, who landed a $5,000 client as a physical trainer (and has since opened her own physical gym in South Carolina!)

    • Patrice Patrick, who landed a $10,000 contract as a coach with a beauty supply owner (who she calls a “dream client!”)

    • Or Raymond Kung, who landed a $90,000 contract as a consultant and service provider for a HUGE social media platform (you’re likely on!)

Or one of the thousands of entrepreneurs who’ve trusted us with their business and sales training…


And although the profit is great, and our clients are exceptional, my biggest win is being able to spend time with my wife and our dog while we give like we’ve never given before, create impact in ways only we can, and travel the world meeting extraordinary people.

Your Next Steps…

Together with my team at The Legacy Tribe, Inc. I help high-achieving entrepreneurs like you land your highest-paying clients (ever!) so you can write your biggest, most generous checks (ever!)

From our free 5-Day GET CLIENTS Challenge to our year-long mastermind (Clients With Purpose) – and everything in between – we’re creating a sales revolution. Want in?

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