3 Confidence-Boosting Habits To Do Before A Conversation

3 Things To Do Before Sales Conversation To Build Confidence

“Dear ShawnQ…


I’m a coach that sells premium life-coaching packages to professional millennial women looking for career clarity and focus. I’m writing to you because I get really nervous in the first conversation I have with potential clients.


I clam up, I fumble over my words, and I’m not really confident at this stage of the process (which is really affecting how people perceive the value of my work…).


When I’m working with a client, I get them incredible results (they are confident, they are clear about what they want to achieve, and they’re focused on the right tasks…)


…so I know I’m good at what I do.


What can I do to better prepare for these conversations so I can get more clients and help more people?”

~ Sheryl

Great question Sheryl!


First I want to say thanks for being vulnerable, bold, and fearless in facing your challenges head one.


One thing that’s abundantly clear is your desire to serve more people.


If you’re enrolled in any of our business programs, you’ll know how much I emphasize that business should be about helping real people solve real problems in extraordinary ways, and it sounds like you want to expand how many people you’re serving at this level.

I’m glad to hear you know that you’re good at what you do, too. Too often, coaches like yourself struggle with “imposter syndrome” – the idea that you’re not good enough and that other people are better than you, so you shouldn’t even try.

To answer your question, there are 3 confidence-boosting habits you can do to prepare for an extraordinary conversation with a potential client.

3 Confidence-Boosting Habits For Better Conversations

1. Always Start With A "Self Check-In..."


Before I ever hop on zoom, I have 5 quick habits I do to prepare my body language, tone, and emotional state so I can show up as my best self (despite what the day has looked like so far…) Take a quick minute and try this now…

Step 1: Go somewhere quiet...
Step 2: Sit down comfortably and take a few deep breaths in and out...
Step 3: Remind yourself that you’re alive by feeling your heart-beat...
Step 4: Fix your body language (stand tall, smile, shoulders back, in control.)
Step 5: Dance (to get pumped up) or Meditate (to calm down nerves and anxiousness)


By simply spending a few moments focused on yourself, you’ll have a much easier time relaxing and being authentic and focused on your potential clients needs during the conversation.


Something that really helps me focus is listening to good music. I even have a “Before The Call” playlist I created on Spotify to help me get in the right mindset to enthusiastically serve in conversation. (It’s a mix of 80’s rock, soundtracks from fun musicals, and epic guitar.)

2. Create Confidence (Don't Wait For It...)


The great thing about confidence is you don’t have to wait for it. Confidence is a result, not a requirement. So you don’t “need” confidence in order to get started. Instead, get started and watch the confidence come. (I share a lot about this in the Get Clients challenge.)

There are 3 Key Principles to creating extraordinary confidence:

  • Practice the conversation.

  • Know your offer inside-out.

  • Visualize your best self.

Let’s go through these real quick…

Practice The Conversation

Practice makes perfect, and the best way to practice for conversations is to role-play. Grab a sister or a friend or your cousin and ask them to pretend like they’re a potential client.


Then have them ask you all the questions they can think of. (Direct them to not “go easy” on you… You want to practice the hard part!)


  • Practice your introduction.

  • Practice the questions you’ll ask.

  • Practice your reactions to objections.

  • Practice how you’ll close.


Remember, the more you practice, the more confidence you’ll create.

Know Your Offer Inside-Out

If you don’t know what you’re selling, clients won’t feel comfortable buying.


And the best way to know your offer is to write it down. Literally, grab a pen and paper, and write down everything: the name of your offer, who it’s perfect for, everything you plan on delivering, your pricing options, important policies…


Then ask someone to quiz you on what you wrote down.


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Visualize Your Best Self

Recent studies show a whopping 23% improvement rate among those who consistently visualize their end result. In other words, if you use your imagination to visualize what you look like in a confident conversation, you’re 23% more likely to show up this way.


Read this easy visualization exercise, then spend 30 seconds trying it out.


Imagine for a moment, you’re in front of a huge potential client. You’re smiling. They’re smiling. You feel good in your skin, comfortable asking questions and commanding attention. You’re not frantic, but you’re breathing is calm and collected. You’re standing tall and on purpose. You’re professional. And you’re confident.


Then imagine this version of yourself in different situations with this potential client:


  • How would you react to questions you don’t know the answer to?

  • How would you leave the conversation after all is said and done?

  • What else would your body language say?


Open your eyes. And write down everything that came to mind. What you’ve just done is “reprogram” your brain to believe that version of yourself is how you should show up in your next conversation. That’s the power of visualization.

3. Do Your Homework (Never Speak With Complete Strangers)...


Have you ever been to a doctor’s office where you shared concerns you were feeling but felt completely unheard, pushed to the side, and told to take a pill or two and the symptoms will just go away…


That’s the worst.


  • You feel misunderstood.

  • Like just another number.

  • Completely uncared for.


(Luckily, I know there are really great doctors out there!) That’s how you make potential clients feel when you try and sell them something they may not even need.


There’s a saying that doctors use to describe this method, and it goes like this…

All this means is this: Spend quality time getting to know your potential client. (What’s great about the latest technology is you can do this before you even speak with them!)


  • Spend time on their social media platforms, websites, funnels…

  • Read their books, editorials, blogs…

  • Learn as much about them as you can before you ever speak with them…


That way, although you may be a stranger to them, they won’t be a stranger to you. And you’ll be an expert at who they are, what their goals are, and how you can help. I guarantee you’ll “Wow!” the very next potential client you speak with.

Bonus Tip: Disconnect From The Outcome

Potential clients can smell your agenda and neediness from a mile away. If your whole purpose for talking with prospects is to make money (and not serve), you’ll feel sleazy, they’ll feel uncomfortable, and you’ll never get a “Heck Yes!” dream client.


Let go of whether or not they become a client. And instead, focus on being a resource to them.


  • Ask them questions no one else has ever dared to ask…

  • Create a space for them to think about new possibilities…

  • Help them deeply understand the root of their problem…


You do this, they’ll be 3x more likely to want to work with you.


Thanks for the question, Sheryl, and keep us updated on how your next conversation goes! (Submit your questions to support@thelegacytribe.com)

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If you haven’t yet enrolled in Clients With Purpose (our year long business mastermind for high-achieving entrepreneurs), where you’ll build and optimize your premium offer, role-play your coaching and sales conversations with support coaches, and work towards a profitable and sustainable business, apply now.

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