5 Successful Business Leaders Share Their Top 5 Daily Routines

There is something incredible that happens when you learn to harness the art of your routine in order to get the most out of your day.



What if you could add just a few activities into your routine that could actually create more energy, focus, or productivity for you?



5 successful leaders are giving you insight into their top 5 daily routines that they believe have contributed to their success:

As a Christian entrepreneur, you’d think my #1 would’ve been reading the Bible.


Well, up until this year (2020) that was not the case.


But, I know and realize that nothing I do is done without the blessing or authority of Christ. Spending time in His word is extremely critical, at least for me, in ensuring I follow His word in every moment of my life.

As Shawn talks about all the time, sales is all about communicating. But, the key is to be consistent and persistent. Don’t give up.


Some of my biggest sales and best customers came weeks or months after I started reaching out to them, or after they came into my funnel.


I had to nurture that relationship. So… every day, I make it a point to make at least 5-10 calls, emails, messenger reaches, etc – talk to somebody each day.


I can’t tell you how important this activity is for success as an entrepreneur.

I’m a digital marketer, and the best marketing is measured. I will say, sometimes the daily numbers aren’t as important to look at as the weekly or monthly numbers.


But you should always be looking at your numbers.


How many opt ins did you get yesterday? What was your conversion rate on your funnel? How many new customers or phone calls scheduled? What were your CPMs for your ads?


If you don’t know how to look at your numbers, or which ones you should be paying attention to, find someone you can consult with that can help you.

I’m a firm believer in the power of continuing education. What I mean by that is, we must always be learning.


Read books, watch informational/educational videos or tutorials, take courses, seek coaching. The world around us is changing at an ever-growing pace. The only way we will keep up and overcome it is by continuing to arm ourselves with knowledge and wisdom.


So, I try to read for at least 5 minutes a day. Even if it’s just reading an interesting news article, or a blog post… I know it’s helping shape me to be a better person.

Discipline is probably one of the hardest yet most impactful things we can implement in our lives.


The discipline of doing anything on a daily basis is difficult. Even if you have to start with just one thing… do it.


You won’t regret it. Then, once you have that one thing, do another… and so on.

Helps me to position myself to gain wisdom from God, then I’ll be able to download the Heavenly solution to solve the problems of my clients here on earth.

Affirmation keeps my soul in shape to serve.

Exercise keeps my body in shape to serve.

Reading Industry related Books and listening to podcasts.

Engaging with my tribe is to put my ears and heart on the ground to understand the voice of the tribe which God calls me to serve.

Prayer helps me talk to my Creator and consider how I might respond graciously to the hard things I see coming down the pike.

Journaling allows me to consider what I can learn from what has happened and to inspect my thoughts about what I want to happen.

Exercise is important for health and stress management, which is critical in stressful jobs.

Affirmations help me remember those things I say are important, but that I quickly forget without reflection and rehearsal.

Reading ancient books(like the Bible) and big idea books help me not get tunnel-visioned in my own way of thinking and seeing the world.

Putting my kids(and hubs) first gives me the motivation to #showup and #stayinaction.

I’ve been getting clearer and clearer about the life I’d love and practicing gratitude for those things that have yet to be seen…this has been a huge part of growing a business and a life I love.

While I could be better about replying to emails, Instagram and LinkedIn, I do make sure I check Facebook and reply/give love to members of our community.

A sale is a representation of the impact we are making on the world. This is something my dad taught me. Every week my team sends me a full report of what we’ve sold and what we’ve collected in revenue.

Ok, maybe not every single day. But it’s definitely something that I’ve done my best to make a serious habit out of.


There are people who are praying for what you have to offer… go out and graciously offer the opportunity to support them!!!

There was a time when I lost who I was. I literally couldn’t describe to you WHO I was as a person.


The journey back to ME required that I take a deep look at who I want to be and where I really am with getting there.


The long look in the mirror is a physical moment where I force myself to do this with my eyes, my mind, and my heart.

I am a serious introvert. I lean towards the anti-social side the longer I am around people without a breather.


Having a busy young family, social, and community commitments in addition to my business obligation, I get burnt out of “peopling” very quickly.


So each day I take some time and lock myself in a private place. I often do NOTHING of consequence.


During that moment the entire world could be on fire and burning down but my attitude is “it’s not my problem right now.”

I have three friends that are seriously my Earth angels. I talk to one or all of them every single day, rain or shine.


Between the three of them I’m in big trouble if they want to write a tell-all book! They know me intimately and they are powerful enough influences in my life to call me out when needed. They hold space for me and just generally support me.


I don’t have to be professional around them, hold my tongue, be politically correct or presentable.

It really is the little things. My phone is my lifeline to business and persona life.


Poor planning on my part would always leave me with a dying phone at the most critical moments of life and business.


It was frustrating in the moment but also produced unnecessary anxiety at the back of my mind each day of whether I would have what I needed at my fingertips when I needed it.


I don’t care that people feel we are too connected to our devices….I need to know mine is there to answer my every crazy question, instantly reach out to important business and personal contacts, and give me access to funding in an instant.

Every night as I mentally review my day, I allow myself to feel my failures. That might be torture for some people, but it’s an important part of my mindset.


I NEED to look it in the eye and then I can dismiss it, file it for learning, forgive myself, and let it go.


Otherwise my failures will torment me, and crush me with their weight.

Take a look at your day, what is it missing? What could you add into your routine that would benefit you?


Make a list of 5 habits or activities that you can commit to doing everyday and create a routine.



And if you want to go even further, post them in our Facebook Community. Because you need accountability!

Being a part of a healthy community that can support you is something that is discussed in the Bible frequently.


In Hebrews, a letter that is written to a group of Jews who are believers and followers of Jesus, begins to describe the idea that being a part of a healthy community is a good habit, and isolating yourself from one is actually a bad habit.


Being part of a faith community brings life, encouragement, and health.


Hebrews 10:24-25 NLT

“Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.  And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.”


Don’t waste anymore time, join a faith community that can support you in your goals and your walk with God.

If you aren’t part of our Facebook Community yet, join right now!

Special thanks to Kelly, Phil, Molly, Sam, and Tai for taking the time share! 

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