Your First Priority MUST BE Client Creation…


Your first priority as a service-based entrepreneur – social media manager, a coach, a consultant, a graphic designer, an online marketer – has to be Client Creation. It should not be…


  • Creating a website

  • Building a funnel

  • Posting on social media

  • Going live


Despite what everyone says – these things are often distractions to Client Creation. “But… don’t those things help me land clients…?”

Nope. Don’t worry – it’s a common misunderstanding.


While these activities are great for building audiences, they’re what we call “Low-Yield Activities” when it comes to client creation. Why? Because building an audience is a long-term strategy (especially if you don’t have a huge budget to spend on advertising) – and it may take years for that audience to eventually become a high-ticket client. They may help, but they’re not the direct path to your very next client. And I know you want your next client, like, now. You don’t want to wait a year or two to build an audience and eventually make a sale. Your business can’t wait.

Maybe you’re like Lorena.


Lorena is a highly-skilled graphic designer. So she thought…


“I should quit and start my own business!”


But what she quickly realized was that being an entrepreneur wasn’t about being a really good graphic designer. She also had to be the marketer, and salesman for her business (as well as a few other jobs like bookkeeper, customer service rep, etc.) On our first phone call, I can remember her saying…


“I love graphic design, but I hate the hard part of business.”

“What’s the hard part?” I asked.


“You know… Finding clients who will pay you on time, or finding clients who will pay you at all. Marketing yourself and putting yourself out there without feeling embarrassed or like a nuisance.”


“Oh, marketing and sales – you mean the most important parts of running a business?” I asked while we both chuckled.


“Yeah… I should probably just go get another job. This is harder than I thought it would be.”


Does this sound familiar?


Her story is all too familiar for the entrepreneur. But her story didn’t end like most. She didn’t get another job. Instead, she learned to LOVE the “hard part” of business – because she discovered that putting herself out there wasn’t hard at all – she was just never taught how to do it the right way. She was trying to watch what everyone else was doing, and “fake it” til she “made it.” (Which left her feeling inauthentic. She even called herself a wannabe imposter.) This is where most entrepreneurs start, and if they don’t figure out the “hard part”, this is also where they end up giving up. But let me let you in on a little secret.

In today’s article, I’m going to share with you the exact 3 steps I use to create clients…


…without all the struggle and hassle that normally comes along with it. But before I do that, I want to share with you a distinction that my own coach taught me years ago. This is incredibly important if you want to transform the “hard part” into the “easy part.”


Attraction VS Creation


I don’t believe in “landing” a client. I don’t even believe in “attracting” a client. Instead, I believe in creating a client. Let me break it down for you. When I’m speaking with someone, I don’t try and manipulate my way into their wallet like most salesman do. I don’t even try to sell with pushy or annoying tactics. Instead, I serve. And I create unforgettable experiences. Here’s where so many new entrepreneurs get it wrong. They tell and sell “Concepts.” They dive into features and methods, how many calls the client gets, and all the worksheets and resources they’ll receive. And while those have their place, you’ll never hear a “Heck Yes!” from a client by focusing only on the concepts of your service.

Instead, you have to create an unforgettable experience for them.


I usually do this through something I call a “Breakthrough Session.” During this session, I treat them as if they’ve already said yes to working with me at my highest offer – as if they’re my highest paying client. We dive into their business and their life. I ask them powerful questions and expect deeply resounding answers. My goal is to give them permission and empowering clarity that allows them to walk away from our conversation with their head up and their shoulders back, knowing exactly what they need to do to grow. My goal is to take the time to deeply understand what they are working towards and what they are fighting against. We’re all fighting battles. I want to get a full picture of their current efforts, failures, successes, and be able to confidently say whether or not I can help them. I don’t need confidence entering the conversation, only leaving it. I’m not trying to “land” them, or “manipulate” them. I’m not anxious because I don’t have an agenda that’s focused on my needs. I want them to have an experience with me that is exceptionally unforgettable. So I don’t rush through these. I don’t do “teaser” or “discovery” calls. I want them to experience some kind of Breakthrough in our time together. These conversations can last anywhere from 60 – 90 minutes (there’s never a rush), and here’s the kicker – it’s completely complimentary.


“WOW! That’s a lot of time to give up!”


No it’s not. Consider the chart below. When you’re blogging, live-streaming, posting on social media, you’re competing with literally billions of people for attention. If someone is watching your webinar, your competing with notifications from social media, text messages, and family… If you’re on the phone with someone, you have way more attention than someone’s social media post, but even here you cannot guarantee attention, because you cannot see the individual. For many people, this level is where you’ll find the most success. The very best thing you can do is interact with individuals offline 1-1. If you can give someone your complete attention, in person, you stand a much larger chance of creating a client than anything else you can do.

We live in an attention-deficit economy.


Giving someone attention for a long-period of time is an increasingly valuable investment you can make. This sets me apart.This allows me to build relationships.And this lays a firm foundation for future interactions. And if I expect someone to pay me $10,000+, I should treat them with $10,000 service. When you do this, You no longer become “a marketer” or “just another salesperson.” You become their GO – TO service, and they naturally feel a tendency to reciprocate – which often looks like a contract. Where others are trying to explain their service as quickly as possible, I’m busy changing lives and creating unforgettable experiences. And that’s why I never have to “attract” or “land” a client. I simply create a client in the very next person I speak with. Let me challenge you: Start changing lives. Don’t wait for the money.Income is simply a result of impact. When your focus is to create impact, the income will follow. The greater the impact, the greater the income. Now let’s get into the 3 steps of Client Creation. Or what we call the Clients With Purpose Methodology.

Step 1: Interview 10 people.


Too many people rely on the “Built-It-And-Hope-They-Come” strategy. Maybe you were taught to ask yourself…


“What are you passionate about?”


And then told to build a business off that. Which leads to a lot of frustration, because guess what… no one cares what you’re passionate about. They only care about what you can do for them. How you can help them accomplish their goals and remove their challenges, and the results they’ll receive if they work with you. Your business isn’t about you. (harsh… I know…) It’s about your client, and what they’re passionate about. It’s about making them the hero – not your service, or passion, or company. Yes – you should love what you do. But that should not be the only question that determines what you offer. Instead, what we suggest is taking a more solid approach to developing your offer. Spend 24 hours, and speak with 10 people. And ask them questions like…


  • What do you value?

  • What’s your day-to-day routine like?

  • What challenges often come up that you wish didn’t exist?

  • What goals do you have that they’ve been too afraid to pursue?

  • What fears do you have about your future/business/life?

  • If you could have any question answered about INSERT BUSINESS IDEA, what would it be?

  • Have you worked with someone to overcome your challenges in the past?

  • What was that experience like? What did you love and hate about it?

  • How much did you pay and what did your receive with your investment?

  • What would be the most valuable aspect of  INSERT BUSINESS IDEA.


I guarantee – if you interview 10 people, you’ll be 100 steps further than everyone else who is “building it” and hoping they come. (Want an exact script so you can conduct these interviews like a pro? Join the 5-day Get Clients Challenge here and we’ll send it to you!

Step 2: Build Your High-Ticket/High-Value Offer


Now that you understand your audiences wants and need, it’s time to build something to help them either achieve their goal or remove their challenge. Too many people think they’re going to be rich by selling $100 offers. They might be able to do this – but it’s a whole lot harder than just selling a few $2,000+ services, or one $15,000 service. There’s a lot of fear that’s associated with high numbers. Before we talk about how to create a high-ticket offer, let me just encourage you. Your worth has NOTHING to do with what you offer. So don’t even let yourself ask “Am I worth that much??” Remember, this isn’t about you. It’s about what your clients need. And yes – there are people out there who will happily – no, gleefully – pay you top dollar for a top notch service. Remember: Income is a result of impact. And high-ticket services are simply high-value offers. Open a word document. Then ask yourself:


What do I need to include in my offer that creates long-lasting transformation in the lives of my client? How long do I need to work with them in order for their results to be long-lasting? What kind of support & resources will they need to sustain their results?


Then write down everything that comes to mind. Look at your competitors. What are they offering? How can you be different? How can you be the same, but better? Look at the interviews you conducted. What did others say they’d be willing to pay for? What did others say they’ve paid for in the past? Once you have an offer, the ultimate question becomes…


How can I make this offer so valuable, I can easily expect a generous compensation?


There are 6 ways to add value. Here are the 3 quickest and easiest to implement:


  1. QUANTITY: The easiest way to increase the value of what you do is to either a) increase the amount of work you do or b) increase the amount of results they receive. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, start learning how to manage social media. Or if your a lead-generator using Facebook Ad’s, figure out a way to get your client more leads. The more you provide, the more your offer is worth.

  2. QUALITY: Instead of offering more, start offering BETTER. Become a master of your craft. Take a course, acquire a certification, hire a mentor whose better than you. The better you become at your craft, the more your offer is worth.

  3. SPEED: Instead of offering more or better, offer FASTER. If it usually takes 48 hours to get results, you can increase your price if you offer 24 hour results.

    If it usually takes 3 months, get them results in 2. The faster they achieve results, the more your offer is worth.

Step 3: Create Unforgettable Experiences


You understand your audience. You have an offer that’s been created to serve them. Now it’s time to serve so powerfully, they never forget their initial time with you. I’m going to share with you the 3 questions every 1-1 client that hires me is required to answer every single work week. Your answers to these questions will determine how successful you become over the next 60 days.


Your 3 Client Creation Questions


1. How much money did you ask for today? Notice I didn’t ask how much money you made. I want you to focus on and measure something else: how much money you asked for. If you’re sitting at your desk at any moment asking yourself “why am I not making any money…?” it’s almost always because you haven’t made enough offers. I guarantee: the more offers you make, the more money you’ll make. The higher the offers, the higher the income. 2. How many conversations did you have today? Clients exist in conversations. Your next client will be found in your next conversation. And I don’t mean email or messenger. I mean – how many people did you hop on a phone call with and serve? How many unforgettable experiences did you create? How many people left their time with you having experienced some type of transformation, either by clarity, encouragement, or hope? The more conversations you have, the more opportunities to make offers you’ll have. 3. How many conversations do you have scheduled for tomorrow? The amount of conversations you have scheduled tomorrow almost always determines how many clients you’ll create. If you’re just getting started, start here. If client creation is your #1 priority, the #1 method is to enter conversations. Schedule conversations. Live in conversation. Wake up each day with the mindset of changing lives and serving people so powerfully in conversation, they have unforgettable experiences. When you focus on impact. The income will follow. Join the FREE  5 – Day GET CLIENTS Challenge. This is not one of those “take-notes-and-journal” kind of challenges. This is a High-Impact, High-Activity challenge. We’re going to push you out of your comfort zone and into your genius zone. We’ll help you with each step along the way (and more.) And you’ll get access to our Get Clients Resource Vault where you’ll learn our s u p e r . h e c k . y e s method, you’ll get  sales scripts, onboarding documents, and offer examples. Do You Have What It Takes?


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