3 Keys To Sales & Confidence

Imagine sitting in front of a potential client.


You’ve done everything you know how to…


  • Set up the meeting…

  • Prepared your material…

  • Took a few deep breaths before hand so you don’t pass out… 


There’s lots of smiling, head-nodding, and great energy between you and your potential client. You can feel a new client within reach!


You feel like the conversation is nearing the end, and your palms start to get sweaty because you know what’s coming…


The hard part: Sharing your price…


Will they think it’s too high or too low?

Will they laugh at my number?

Will they ask me something I can’t answer?


Guess what – the stress you feel when talking “money” with potential clients is normal!


Whether you stumble, are lost for words, or even feel insecure or underprepared… You’re not alone. 


Watch the video below, as ShawnQ shares 3 tips to help you confidently say your price and close the deal. 

Here is a recap of what you just learned:

Today, I want to help you say your price confidently with these three tips…

Tip #1: Practice Saying Your Price

If you aren’t confident saying your price, people won’t be confident paying your price.

Tip #2: Practice Discussing Your Offer

You need to know what’s included in your offer. And be able to explain what all the fine print and policies are. Your client is going to ask you these questions and want some answers.

Tip #3: Have A Menu

Don’t make up an offer or price on the spot! Have a menu of your services and prices prepared. 

Boost your confidence in discussing your price and close deals:

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