Your business lives and dies on it’s ability to attract and satisfy customers.

For both newbie & veteran entrepreneurs, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of these 2 Fatal Assumptions…


  1. Believing our market thinks and does the same as we think and do… (So we market to ourselves!)
  2. Being too product-focused, and ignoring the customers needs & desires.

Your businesses SINGLE PRIORITY should always be to provide products, programs, and services that attract and satisfy and compel customers to come back again and again. 


Put your customers needs first.


The single goal of marketing is to bring in a customer/client… Everything starts and ends with the customer.


People buy for emotional, physical, and mental gratification. They want to move TOWARDS happiness and peace and avoid fear and confusion.

Do You Understand Your Target Market?

Who are they? What type of messages do they resonate with? What is important to them in life? What do they value?

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